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About City Hire

About City Hire

Why hundreds of companies in construction rely on us

Service Promise

We know that tool hire is often critical to your business but it can sometimes be a frustrating experience. That's why we at City Hire have made it our purpose to re-write the rules for tool hire and put you back in control.

If you have important, deadline-driven construction projects in London you need to look no further than City Hire as your fast and consistently reliable tool hire partner.

Our service promise ensures that you benefit from:

- A 24/7 ordering service

- Super quick response to site - including sameday where required

- An online system which allows quick authorisation of site requisitions

- Notification alerts to let you know when your tools will arrive on site

- Reminders when your tools are due to come off-hire

- Our promise to remove tools from site within 2 working days of being off-hired

These core promises are constantly tracked for you using key metrics to ensure we are always improving and evolving with client needs. Review some of these KPIs here: City Hire's KPI Performance

Our Values

LEADERSHIP, INTEGRITY, DETERMINATION & IMPROVEMENT are the core values that we live by. They are the foundations on which we build trust and long term relationships with our customers. We hire people through them; we choose and reward our employees by them; and, most importantly, hold each other accountable to live true to them.

LEADERSHIP - we are responsible to lead by example.

INTEGRITY - we do the right thing, even if it hurts.

DETERMINATION - we will never quit in achieving our goal.

IMPROVEMENT - we are always in pursuit of a higher standard.