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Hire Suspensions

Why suspend your hires rather than off-hire?

During the Christmas break, we give our customers the option to suspend hire charges rather than off-hiring their tools and on-hiring again in the new year.

Here are some reasons why we do it:

  • Sites are more productive from the first days of the new year because tools are already on site
  • Time saved requesting and arranging off-hires and collections
  • Time saved ordering tools in the new year
  • Avoid unnecessary transport charges
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

How to arrange your hire suspensions

Arranging your hire suspensions is simple, easy, and you can do it in advance.

  • Email detailing your request to suspend your equipment on hire for your account/s.
  • We will send you an email confirming receipt of your suspension request and include the list of items not eligible for suspension
  • Suspensions will begin automatically on Saturday 22nd December and stop on Tuesday 1st January

What equipment is eligible for suspension?

Most equipment we hire is eligible for suspension except:

  • Bowsers, Diesel Caddies and Trans Cubes
  • Propping, Support and related accessories
  • Site Security & Storage
  • Cross-hired equipment
  • Gas Cylinders