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ESG | Environmental, Social & Governance


We accept responsibility for the possible harmful effects that our activities may have on both the local and global environment and are committed to reducing them by:

◦ Minimisation of waste generation
◦ Reducing our toxic emissions (incl CO2 ) through careful selection of fleet vehicles and power sources
◦ Promotion of recycling activities and encouraging the adoption of similar practices by our suppliers
◦ Constantly reviewing our transport department and delivery schedules to find the most economic routes
◦ Active research into accredited ‘eco-programs’ to offset emissions generated by our activities
◦ Making the latest relevant developments in eco-technology available to our customers
◦ Committing to retaining our status of international standard ISO14001.

Charitable Giving

City Hire is pleased to be able to give back and donate significantly to many charities that are tackling vital issues.

Over the past four years City Hire has donated in excess of £400k to over 450 charitable causes, including:

  • Medical research for children
  • London air ambulance
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital

These charities cover disaster relief, childcare, disability support and medical research.


At City Hire the wellbeing and safety of our employees and stakeholders is paramount.

  • Employee access to mental health services including mobile app
  • Extensive charitable giving
  • Use of safety cloud across the company to manage staff training
  • Robust accident reporting and near miss procedures, backed up by root cause analysis and continuous improvement
  • Investing in climate control and dust management solutions for our depots to minimise dust inhalation and maximise employee comfort
  • Regular toolbox talks in place to increase awareness of occupational hazards
  • Investment in water recycling plants for equipment cleaning


Our goal is to grow and develop a sustainable organisation that leads the way in the quality of our products, services, and culture, creating a lasting positive impact in the areas we operate for the long term.

We strive to exceed standards and set the benchmark for how to operate in our market.

During 2021 we have created and launched an employee intranet site that documents all processes and systems, allowing us to work on continuous improvement and

We are totally committed to accurate reporting and sound financial planning, with daily and weekly reports reviewed by senior management and directors.