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Accreditations & KPI's

  • 80 Net Promoter Score

    Customer Satisfaction

    This score reflects how many of our customers would willingly recommend our services to a friend or colleague...
    Consistently each week, City Hire reaches out to a handful of clients who have recently experienced our services. We make a point of varying our feedback sources by speaking to a balance of site operatives, buyers and accounts administrators across our entire client base. All feedback is shared in management meetings to ensure that the team is 'on the pulse' and never losing touch with our core mission.

    CH data last updated on 05/07/2024

  • 99 per cent

    On Time Deliveries & Collections

    The results from tracking this number are inspirational…! Team accountability, constant improvements, driving down wastage and, most importantly of all, maximum effective use of our hire equipment on your projects!
    The biggest expense of hiring occurs when you are wasting time without your crucial equipment on site. There a number of common root causes for this, including: delayed delivery, breakdowns on faulty equipment, errors in site address and incomplete or wrong equipment selection.
    City Hire constantly monitors and tracks these inefficiencies/errors in our relentless mission to ‘outlaw’ them! Any occurrences are recorded, shared with the entire team every week and detract from the overall Trip Efficiency score of activity for that period.

    CH data last updated on 05/07/2024

  • 5 seconds

    Time to Answer Phone

    Your job is a demanding one! As a construction buyer or site operative you cannot afford to waste time placing your order. Understanding these pressures, City Hire tracks our response times to your phonecalls through the day on a live dashboard.
    These results are captured on a weekly basis and published to identify any trends and constantly improve.

    CH data last updated on 05/07/2024

  • 15 minutes

    Time to Respond to Email

    Purchasing and PO procedures dictate considerable email traffic for construction buyers. To maximise efficiency for you, we want to remove any need for follow up or chasing responses. With this in mind, City Hire monitors email response times constantly to highlight performance and ensure we are here for you when needed most.
    This number is reviewed weekly to measure and ensure top performance is maintained.

    CH data last updated on 05/07/2024

  • 2 days

    Equipment Off Site Inside 2 Days

    This number is watched vigilantly following very definite and candid feedback from site managers!
    Exposure to theft, loss and lack of valuable space are just a few outcomes of unused hire equipment being left on site for too long. To ensure City Hire doesn’t focus on new delivery priorities at the expense of delayed collections, we track and report on this KPI each week.

  • Efficient Operations

    Delivering a consistently excellent tool hire service requires a highly efficient and disciplined operation. City Hire has fully embraced the principles and standards set out within the internationally recognised ISO9001 methodology to empower the company through robust processes.

    In addition, our entire fleet of vehicles is managed under the specific and intense parameters set out in the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme at their Silver standard.

  • ISO18001

    Health & Safety

    City Hire has a ‘Zero Reportable Accidents’ target which is reviewed by every member of the team on a weekly basis. In order to align ourselves with best practise we have adopted international OHSAS 18001 standards and constantly improve our own policies to minimise and, where possible, eliminate risks.

    Specific focuses for us include safe tool usage (both by our technicians and customers), relevant training for our team (including IOSH, IPAF & LEEA courses), personal protection equipment (required by our personnel and advised to our customers) and a relentless passion for safe operational awareness of key issues such as Working at Height, HAVS, Noise at Work and Dust Extraction, etc.

    Finally, we see it as our responsibility to keep fully aware of all legislation and value that can be added by subscribing to various institutes including the Health and Safety Executive recognition Scheme at their Silver standard.

  • ISO14001

    The Environment

    We accept responsibility for the possible harmful effects that our activities may have on both the local and global environment and are committed to reducing them by:
    ◦ Minimisation of waste generation
    ◦ Reducing our toxic emissions (incl CO2 ) through careful selection of fleet vehicles and power sources
    ◦ Promotion of recycling activities and encouraging the adoption of similar practices by our suppliers
    ◦ Constantly reviewing our transport department and delivery schedules to find the most economic routes
    ◦ Active research into accredited ‘eco-programs’ to offset emissions generated by our activities
    ◦ Making the latest relevant developments in eco-technology available to our customers
    ◦ Committing to retaining our status of international standard ISO14001.