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7 ways City Hire’s new website puts busy construction buyers in control of their tool hire

Are you looking for an efficient tool hire provider who can help you complete projects on budget and on schedule? Do you want to feel confident that you will get the right tools delivered at the right time – and to the right site? Would you like the freedom to focus on helping your construction teams get on with their work?

If you answered yes, we can help – because we’ve built the first fully integrated online tool hire portal for construction professionals. It gives you total process control and lets you enjoy frictionless, stress-free tool hire. Now you can focus on building success, not chasing up prices, stock confirmations and late deliveries.

Here’s how our integrated online service delivers the efficiency and control you deserve:

1. Accurate tool hire

We ensure accurate tool hire because your orders flow seamlessly through to stock picking, delivery, invoicing and off-hire. No one re-enters your details manually on different systems, so there’s no room for human error. Instead, with just a few clicks, you have a 360⁰ view of your account, including live data on everything you’ve ordered, hold on site or have off-hired – by site, order number or date.

2. Online booking for same day delivery

We track every item at our depot and on-hire in real time, so you can see exactly what stock is available the moment you log into our site. If you don’t see what you want, we can tell you when you can get it. This live data means we offer delivery times across London – normally within 4 working hours*. Knowing you’ll get the right tools at the right time, in the right place, makes it easier for you to plan your site’s work schedule.

3. Order 24/7 on any device

Our fully automated 24/7 system makes it easy for you to order out of hours – whenever it is convenient for you. There’s no need to email or call to check that your order has gone through. Simply log into our website at anytime, anywhere, from any device and check every detail.

4. Full visibility

You have full control and visibility of the entire ordering process from your site office. You can set up automated email and text alerts to confirm when your procurement team signs off your order and when it ships. There’s no need to waste time chasing people to find out where your tools are or when you can expect delivery – your order and ETA notifications will give you the peace of mind you desire.

5. Requisition system

Our transparent requisition system will appeal to construction buyers. It provides full traceability and accountability – empowering both centralised oversight and localised order management. You can review, approve or decline every order placed by individual site managers with just one click. There’s no re-entering of data because our integrated system ensures it flows seamlessly from order to invoice.

6. Budget control

Controlling budgets for specific projects is now easy for you and your accounts office. Our live data gives you all the facts, all the time. You can:

  • Download PDFs of signed proof of delivery (PoD) and proof of collection (PoC) documents
  • Easily check real-time spend by site or purchase order
  • Schedule customised reports that email your exported data as CSV or PDF files
  • Instantly confirm agreed prices for hiring and buying stock items, without having to call us
  • Download and review invoices online.

7. Dashboard

Our live dashboard tells you exactly what you have on order, and on site, at any time. You can conduct site audits to prevent loss or theft of equipment by setting up customisable reports and automatically sending them to any member of your team. Our trailblazing ‘off-hire reminder’ feature will even ensure you don’t forget to off-hire equipment when you’ve finished with it, so saving you money.

Improving on-site productivity and operational efficiency

City Hire’s fully integrated online service puts busy construction professionals like you in charge of their tool hire. Our seamless 24/7 ordering leaves project managers free to focus on important things, such as running sites safely and ensuring construction completes as planned. While our transparent requisition system frees up construction buyers to negotiate discounts, rebates, and service levels – rather than administering orders.

Isn’t it time you took control? Sign up here to get access to the portal.

* Our 4-working hours delivery offer

You can order from City Hire online 24/7. If you order at 10:30pm, you’ll typically receive delivery by 11:00am the next day. If you order before midday, you will typically receive delivery by 4.00pm the same day. Now isn’t that reassuring to know?

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