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Guide to Scaffold Couplers

There are lots of different types of scaffold couplers. Read our guide below to find the ones you need on your site.

Fixed 90 Degree pole to pole Coupler

For fixing scaffold tubes at 90 degrees, for example a vertical and horizontal tube.

Gravlock / Girder Coupler

Gravlock couplers are used to attach 48mm scaffold tube to a girder / steel beam at 90 degrees.

Suitable for flanges up to 45mm thick, they must be used in pairs as one needs to be fixed either side of the steel beam.

Swivel Pole to Pole Coupler

A useful coupler that can fix scaffold tubes at various angles.

Multiprop/Sureprop Coupler

For fixing scaffold tubes to Peri Multiprops/Superprops

Universal Coupler

Straight Internal Coupler

This coupler fits inside two ends of scaffold tubes you wish to join in straight line. A screw holds them in place.

External Sleeve Coupler

This coupler does a similar job of an internal coupler, only it secures the scaffold tubes with an external clamp.

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