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How to choose the right floor pad

Floor pads are circular discs of polyester fibre with an open structure that make them ideal for a range of floor cleaning, buffing, polishing, and stripping applications. They are fitted to Floor Scrubbers or Floor Polishing machines which are available to hire.

To allow for easy identification, floor pads are colour coded to an industry standard according to their application.

White Floor Pads

The most mild floor pad with the least abrasion. Suitable for finishing and polishing floors using a high speed floor polisher. Use dry or slightly damp and on clean floors only.

Tan/Beige Floor Pads

A mild polishing pad for light cleaning and maintaining all types of floors. It is used dry. Often used on a waxed wood floor with a high speed floor polishing machine.

Red Floor Pads

A mild floor cleaning pad for frequent use of relatively clean floors. It also cleans and polishes dry removing marks.

Blue Floor Pads

Used for cleaning and light spray washing. Will remove scuff marks and is particularly useful in areas such as school corridors.

Black Floor Pads

For heavy duty wet scrubbing and stripping of strong layers of wax and built up dirt. Removes the old finishes and eliminates concrete burrs. To be used at low speeds only.

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