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City Hire adds HVO Fuel to offering

As part of a drive to enhance our contribution to an environmentally friendly construction industry, we have introduced HVO Green D+ Fuelboxes to our product offering. This fuel is a renewable diesel alternative, offering a cleaner way to power diesel construction machinery.

HVO is compatible with all of our machines apart from use cases where the fuel needs to be burnt to generate heat, specifically Diesel Fired Heaters and Diesel Fired hot pressure washers.

Reducing our carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels is a big part of our operation, reflected in our FORS Silver accreditation and eco-friendly product range. Some examples of this include a big focus on reducing driver idling time, large investment in Battery Electric and Stage 5 machinery.

Our HVO fuel boxes contain GreenD+ fuel, which is a particular type of HVO. Green D+ is made entirely from waste and is defined as renewable and sustainable. You can use Green D+ HVO in any diesel engine without requiring any changes to the engine. Green D+ is a renewable, sustainable biofuel derived from waste and residue oils. It is an alternative to diesel fuel and biodiesel (fatty acid methyl ester). It is principally HVO, hydrotreated vegetable oil, which has been enhanced with a proprietary Additive system. It has a high flash point and cloud point (suitable even for arctic conditions). Therefore, The fuel itself does not pose any of the health and safety concerns associated with diesel.

Highlights of HVO Fuel

  • HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) generates up to 90% less greenhouse gases (CO2) & emissions
  • Particulates are lowered by over 70%.
  • Nox (Nitrous Oxide) levels are reduced by up to 30%

What Can HVO Be Made From?

HVO can be made from animal fat from food industry waste, Fish fat from processing waste, or residues from vegetable oil processing Used Cooking Oil.
Additionally, It also can be made from;

  • Tall Oil Pitch
  • Palm Oil (In regulation to the ICSS)
  • Tallow – Rendered form of beef or mutton fat
  • Technical Corn Oil

Benefits Of Green D+ HVO?

Made from sustainable and renewable raw materials, GreenD+ HVO reduces greenhouse emissions by as much as 90%.

  • Low Viscosity Levels – Has excellent cold-weather performance
  • Great Alternative Solution – compatible with all off-road diesel engines
  • Long Storage Shelf Life – Improved safety, shelf life and storage compared to normal diesel. Therefore reducing the need for regular testing
  • Drop-In Fuel – You can use it as a direct replacement for conventional diesel fuels in heavy-duty and light-duty engines
  • Noise Reduction – your engines noise levels can be reduced by 1-4DB.
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